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How to Add Collection Slider In Shopify

In this post we talk about How to Add Collection Slider In Shopify Step 1: Crate a section collection slider and paste below code {% if section.settings.title != blank %} <div class=”section-header text-center”> <h2>{{ section.settings.title | escape }}</h2> </div> {% endif %} {%- assign collection = collections[section.settings.collection] -%} {% case section.settings.grid %} {% when 2 […]


China’s pole exposed from satellite images, is building more than 100 nuclear missile silos

China builds more than 100 nuclear missile silos, as revealed by pole satellite imagery The pole of this move of China is open from satellite pictures. Satellite images clearly show a lot of silos The pole of China’s move is exposed by satellite images. Satellite images clearly show many silos What is SILO The silo […]


How to create random Product Sales Pop In Shopify

In this post we talk about How to create custom Product notifications with Sales Pop In Shopify Step 1: Add There File Link before content Header. {{‘pop.css’ | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} <script src=”{{ ‘’}}”></script> <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” media=”all” /> {{ content_for_header }} Step 2: Add Section Link after content Layout. {{ content_for_layout }} […]


How to set a Maginic popup with cookie

In this post we talk about How to set Cookie In Megnific Popup Step 1: Add this link under the head tag <link rel=”stylesheet” href=””> <script src=””></script> <script src=””></script> Step 2: Add this script below script tag var check_cookie = $.cookie(‘bsw’); if (check_cookie == undefined) { $.cookie(‘bsw’, ‘yes’, {expires: 1}); ${items: {src: ‘#popup-modal’},type: ‘inline’}, 0); […]


How to add breadcrumbs in Shopify

In this post, we will talk about the How to add the Breadcrumbs In Shopify Step 1: Create a new file in your theme under the “Snippets” section and call this Breadcrumbs. {% unless template == ‘index’ or template == ‘cart’ or template == ‘list-collections’ %} Home {% if template contains ‘page’ %} {{ page.title […]


How to add plus + and minus – buttons to the quantity input on the product page in Shopify

In this post, we will talk about the quantity feature Step 1: Add Code in Product File {% if section.settings.show_quantity_selector %} <div class=”qtydiv”> <label for=”Quantity-{{ }}”>{{ ‘products.product.quantity’ | t }}</label> <div class=”qtybox”> <span class=”btnqty qtyminus icon icon-minus”>-</span> <input type=”text” id=”quantity” name=”quantity” value=”1″ min=”1″ class=”quantity-selector quantity-input” readonly=””> <span class=”btnqty qtyplus icon icon-plus”>+</span> </div> </div> {% […]


Debut Theme 2021 Product Thumbnail Slider In Desktop

Debut Theme Product Thumbnail Slider In Desktop. if you have some technical skills can be made yourself. Let’s see how to make Thumbnail Slider In theme.js, search for initDesktopBreakpoint. Replace it with this updated code: _initDesktopBreakpoint: function() { if (this.mqlMediumUp.matches) { if ( this.container.querySelectorAll(this.selectors.productThumbImages) .length > 3 ) { this._initThumbnailSlider(); } if (this.settings.zoomEnabled) { this.imageZoomWrapper.forEach( […]

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